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Introduction of temporary guardrail net

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Temporary barrier net, also called mobile fence, temporary isolation column, mobile safety fence network, mobile guardrail network, mainly using removable components, the main piece of the guardrail with the base or protective column for standard connection, and other specific needs can be easily removed, mobile installation

Temporary guardrail can be widely used in:

(1) the temporary barrier is installed on the stairs

(2) temporary protective railing (steel pipe or bamboo) is provided on each side of the ladder

(3) the top stairs, with the construction of formal railings or temporary guardrail

Temporary guardrail network (welding type) main specifications: silk through 2.8-5.0mm mesh: 50*100mm 80*160mm 75*150mm mesh height 1-3 meters, width 2-3 meters column: square tube, round pipe, peach shaped column, U type column. Surface treatment is: hot dip galvanized, dipping plastic, spray plastic, spray paint. Color with green, white as the main

Temporary guardrail (woven) main specifications: silk warp 1.5-4.0mm mesh: 30*30mm 40*40mm 50*50mm 60*60mm 70*70mm. mesh size 1m*2m 1.5m*2m 2m*2.5m 2m*3m. column: square tube, round tube, surface treatment is: PVC package plastic, hot galvanized. Color is mainly green

The main structural features: relatively small base mesh, strong safety performance, beautiful appearance, can be customized according to customer needs production. The product is made of high quality galvanized pipe by bending and welding, beautiful appearance, durable and strong flexibility; at home and abroad is mainly used for an important meeting. Festivals, sports events, temporary barrier of high-grade seedlings protection, maintain order.

Temporary guardrail network because of the design of a variety of barriers foot type, adaptability to the terrain, installation and transportation is convenient, without many people can be completed. Welding mouth is generally used after welding coating treatment, in order to achieve bright and beautiful and long life effect.

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