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The types and causes of chain link fence corrosion

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The types and causes of chain link fence corrosion

1) chemical corrosion refers to the corrosion of steel directly reacting with the surrounding medium. Most of the corrosion is oxidation, resulting in loose oxides on the surface of the steel. At room temperature, the surface of steel forms a thin layer of passivation capacity of the weak oxidation protective film FeO, it is loose, easy to rupture, harmful media can further enter and react, causing corrosion. In dry environment, the corrosion progress is slow, and the degree of reaction increases with the increase of temperature and humidity.

2) electrochemical corrosion is caused by the formation of galvanic cell on the gold surface. Steel itself contains iron, carbon and other components, due to the different electrode potential of these components, the formation of many micro batteries. In humid air, a very thin water film is adsorbed on the surface of steel. In the anode zone, iron is oxidized into Fe2+ into the water film, because dissolved oxygen in water, so the oxygen in the cathode zone is reduced to OH - both of them combine into insoluble Fe (oH) 2, and further oxidized into loose and easily stripped reddish brown rust Fe (oH) 3

chain link fence corrosion, with the increase in size, up to six times the original volume of the worst.

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