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How to ensure the welding performance of chain link

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Chain link fence  is one of the raw materials, it is generally used to hook and weaving, the most common is the use of huangtongwang machine for weaving. It can be used in highway, railway and other aspects, and its processing technology is also very much. Sometimes, the welding method is used to process.

Raw materials for wire rod huangtongwang, large requirements of the raw material, can meet the requirements to produce qualified products. Wire rod directly determines the performance of the huangtongwang, therefore, must choose good quality raw materials. There are many types of wire rods, the most common ones are the thread and the ordinary shape. When customers have special requirements, they can also make special customization. The wire rod must be cut to the same size as the straight wire, so that it can be easily welded.

Huangtongwang welding is the process of rapid heating and cooling, prior to welding, the motor controller to use to locate accurately, should also be set the direction of rotation. Before heating, adjust the specific temperature according to the thickness of the wire. When the current passes through the wire, it turns them into one. After that, cool it again.

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