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How much is the amount of zinc galvanized chain link fence's?

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How much is the amount of zinc galvanized huangtongwang it, to introduce the following

The amount of zinc huangtongwang as usually between 10-20g, the amount of zinc is very small, and galvanizing zinc can be controlled in the range of 50-200, the amount of zinc is very high, two difference also determines the amount of zinc corrosion resistance of these two kinds of chain link.

Electro galvanized huangtongwang usually in natural environment at room temperature for three months to half a year begins to rust, hot galvanized huangtongwang as normally ten years does not rust, above is the characteristics of two kinds of surface treatment or punishment. Secondly, we distinguish two kinds of appearance processing punishment from the color, hot plating is a kind of physical zinc plating, so that the appearance looks more thick, the color is also dark, galvanized is a chemical reaction, the appearance looks brighter.

Plastic bag huangtongwang is widely used in warehouse, tool room refrigeration, protection reinforcement, park, zoo fence, ocean fishing gate and the construction site fence, machine set protective equipment deployment, highway guardrail, sports venues fence, the road green belt protection net.

Plastic bag huangtongwang into a box shaped containers after fabrication, cages filled with rocks, but also can be used to cover and support seawall, slope, Luqiao, reservoirs and other civil engineering, is a good material on flood control and flood. It can also be used for handicraft production, and the machine is equipped with the equipment for the deployment of the walking network. The shot and discus huangtongwang Seine is used in protective huangtongwang fence products throwing garden, important is the placement of around throwing area, guard shot or misdirected to fall the discus injury to the audience.

The garden fence like throwing huangtongwang usually require the protective tube stronger, thicker, coarser mesh diameter.

Huangtongwang as corruption is usually divided into: chemical corrosion is a protective huangtongwang network directly with the surrounding medium chemical reaction caused by corruption. The decay is usually oxidized, and there is a loose layer of oxide on the surface of the material. It is loose, easy to break, harmful substances easy to penetrate further, produce repercussions, resulting in corruption and rust. This requires that the appearance of the material should be dealt with anti-corrosion treatment punishment, the same is usually galvanized, perhaps wrapped plastic processing punishment, may improve a lot of anti-corrosion years.

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