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Notes on installation of flower hook

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In our life huangtongwang is very common, making it relatively simple, so the price is not very high, which is due to a variety of terrain change shape, and installed, its flexibility is also very good. It started using it on both sides of the highway. I believe that he will be used more and more in the future.

Then as crashworthiness huangtongwang should how to correctly use the installation?

1: anti plastic bag huangtongwang attached drawings, construction drawings that use range, to avoid drawing errors and rework.

2: if you need to install anti litter, while anti litter 2m set up a network, together with the pouring concrete guardrail construction attention, installation of embedded parts.

3: the construction of attention buried guardrail link part of embedded parts, drawings of each bridge anti-collision huangtongwang connection diagram.

4: before pouring concrete, strict inspection of installation size is appropriate, each fixed point (rod, rod) is solid and reliable, in the concrete pouring process, the construction class must be checked at any time, found deformation, should be adjusted at any time, and the concrete vibration again.

5: after stripping timely rest, until the surface is dried, wipe the surface of the concrete with a sponge or fine gauze, has obtained the good appearance. Covered with plastic film maintenance, after completion of concrete guardrail timely clean up debris, spill concrete, so that the bridge paving construction.

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